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Converting to Judaism may seem daunting, but in reality it is joyous and enriching!  

Our 10-month conversion course helps you learn to live as a Jew.


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This Course Is For You If:

Learn About Jewish Practices

You want to learn the spiritual and ethical principles of Jewish practice.

Recognized Judaism Conversion

You are seeking Jewish conversion that is recognized by the State of Israel through the Conservative, Reform or Reconstructionist movements.


Curiousity About Judaism

You are just curious about Judaism.

Have a Deeper Understanding of Judaism

You want to build your relationship with God through a deeper understanding of Judaism.

Jewish Conversion Classes Online

Our goal at the Jewish Virtual Academy is to grow in our service of God and our fellow people. We help you build a personal religious practice that includes deep prayer, relevant and profound Torah study, and becoming more loving towards your family and community.

Jewish Virtual Academy Customs


Online Judaism Conversion Classes

Our 10-month course is designed to welcome people from all faiths who wish to learn more about Judaism. Whether you’re not Jewish, but considering conversion, someone who is looking to learn more about Jewish traditions and faith, or a Jew who wants to better understand your heritage, our classes can help.


Supporting Your Personal Path

We support all denominations of Judaism, and our Rabbi will help you find a local synagogue and Jewish community that suits you.  We will work with your local rabbi to arrange for an in-person conversion in your community.


Conversion for Those Far From a Synagogue

If you live in a rural area without a synagogue, we can arrange for you to visit us in Florida to complete your conversion through our own beit din (Rabbinic court).


Visit Us

Visit us!  The Jewish Virtual Academy is a project of Kol HaLev.  We offer Judaism which engages the soul by being accessible, participatory, and uplifting and we welcome people of all ages, from all backgrounds and beliefs/observance levels.  If you are local to Boynton Beach, Florida, we invite you to join our community!


My son really enjoyed learning with Rabbi Siff and connecting with those in his virtual class. Not everyone has the skill set to translate Jewish education to the virtual classroom, but Rabbi Siff does. Highly recommend!

Arrine Edelman

Currently doing the sessions with Rabbi David Siff at the moment. He’s very knowledgeable and discusses thoroughly the passages/chapters in all books assigned for homework. Learning a lot through the reading & daily practice, and especially with David’s discussions which gives me new perspectives to each week’s study.

Joanna Bronicki

Rabbi David Siff is a wonderful teacher. Whether you are converting or just want to continue your Jewish education, Jewish Virtual Academy is an excellent choice.

Deborah Letow

Palm Beach County has been waiting for someone to bring Jewish renewal.
Rabbi David is a real Mench. If you are searching for traditional and forward looking Judaism you have arrived.

Nachshon Carmi



Our conversion curriculum is based on the three pillars that, according to the sage Hillel, the world stands on

Sacred Study of Torah

Connect with the Torah on a deep level to learn how to live a life filled with love of God. We study Torah in depth to learn God’s wisdom for our lives and for the world.

Torah Teachings from the Jewish Virtual Academy

Avodah (Prayer)

Judaism provides a wealth of prayers to deepen our relationship with God both during dedicated prayer time, as well as during everyday life. We also learn the sacred acts (mitzvot) through which we make our lives acts of sacred service. 

Jewish Virtual Academy Prayer

Gemilut Hasadim (Loving Kindness)

Torah has a rich trove of teachings on how to treat family, friends, and community members in loving ways. We will explore some of the basic Jewish teachings on how to be a good person in an often challenging world. 

Gemilut Hasadim (Loving Kindness)


Jewish Virtual Academy offers all the resources and support you need to learn more about Judaism and convert if that’s your wish. Taking online Judaism courses with us means:

Experienced Leaders at the Jewish Virtual Academy

Universally Accepted

By working with your local synagogue, we ensure that your conversion is accepted both by any synagogue or denomination you may wish to join, and also by the State of Israel.

Video Courses for Flexibility


Our online course fits easily into your schedule. You can choose between live courses or videos which are available on demand, combined with coaching on your schedule.  We also include weekly Hebrew tutoring as part of your course.  Our staff are also always available to answer questions as they arise.



Our 10-month course and a la carte courses are affordable for everyone and have no hidden fees, and will work with you in cases of financial hardship.

Variety of Courses

Variety of Classes

In addition to the 10-month conversion course, we also offer Hebrew tutoring, Torah study, and more.

Variety of Courses

Bet Din & Mikveh

If you do not have a local synagogue to convert with, we will help you with the final part of conversion, the mikveh (ritual bath) and Beit Din (rabbinic court).

Community Support

Experienced Teachers

Rabbi David Siff was ordained as a Conservative Rabbi in 2006, and has also been involved in the Reform, Renewal, and Orthodox worlds. He is dedicated to helping students build a meaningful Jewish practice in their everyday life.


Rabbi David Siff of The Jewish Virtual Academy

Rabbi David Siff

Conversion Class

Rabbi Siff has served as a pulpit Rabbi since 2006. He has a PhD in Kabbalah & Philosophy from JTS, where he wrote on the works of Rebbe Nahman of Breslav. He integrates music, drama, and arts into his work, as well as serious engagement with traditional texts, finding their relevance to contemporary society. He lives in Boynton Beach with his wife, Tanya, and 3 children.


Photo Courtesy of SunSentinel Staff Photographer Tammy Alvarez
Rabbi Dovid Reisman

Rabbi Dovid Reisman

Mitzvah Class

Rebbe Dovid Reisman has taught Torah and related Judaic studies in Day schools and Sunday schools at the elementary level, and volunteers as a guest lecturer at the local prisons for over 30 years. Rabbi Reisman loves Torah and working with children. When he isn’t teaching, he’s usually involved in Israel advocacy or spending time with his 12 grandchildren.

Rivka Bahar

Hebrew Tutor

Rivkah has been teaching in Hebrew Schools for over five years and enjoying every moment of it. She is as energetic, creative and always focused on the task at hand. Each year as old students go and new students come, she enjoys seeing the shine radiating from their neshamas (souls), eager to learn more.

Tanya Siff

Tanya Siff, Ph.D

Dr. Siff is a Psychologist with 20+ years experience conducting psychotherapy. She regularly leads Tot Shabbat programs, where children love to sing along with her, hear her stories, and make edible art. 

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Can I convert online?

Can I convert online?

Many converts find that they live too far from a Jewish community to be part of it, and online conversion seems like a very attractive option. There are ways to do it, but there are also limitations. There are certain parts of the conversion that require some live...

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Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.